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Mobile App | Capstone Project 2022

My Role

UX/ UI Designer
I led the user research, Ideation, wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes.


My Team

Veronica Oyarzun
Regina Go
Peggy Shum



According to the IRCC immigration level plans, around 400K+ new permanent residents are coming to Canada yearly. This group of ready-to-work newcomers in Canada have minimal knowledge of the local workplace culture. They are suffering from the cultural shock of a whole new working environment.






CanWork is a narrative workplace simulator for newcomers to understand Canadian workplace culture better through experiencing different workplace scenarios.

As a newcomer to Canada, you will find yourself having minimal knowledge of the local workplace culture. By using CanWork, users of this product will be able to understand Canadian workplace culture better through being in different workplace scenarios, so that they can learn from different possible outcomes and adjust their behaviours when they are getting into the real working environment. Users can also review the retrospect of their choices, so they can recall which option will lead to the possible outcome.





I conducted a concept validation survey to validate the project concept and to understand more about their user stories. We also conducted research to further explore the need for my product and areas for opportunity.


There are some Key Findings:
  • 66%+ think it is a problem worth solving
  • There’s no similar product in the existing market, only alternatives which cannot truly solve the problem
  • Respondents tend to do the research themselves before going to work, e.g. Google, Facebook workgroup
  • Respondents want tips and advice from the existing workforce as solid references
  • Respondents want possible reactions of the characters, rather than an absolute right or wrong answer





To create more comprehensive user stories, I created 2 personas from different backgrounds to understand the user’s goals, frustrations and needs.




Customer Journey Map

After building 2 personas, I could understand the users better and started working on the user journey map. This map helped me identify the key pain points and how the user feels at different stages throughout the journey. I can discuss with my team according to this map and improve the product in a more user-friendly manner.




Site Map


After understanding the user stories and proposed user journeys, I could start thinking about how to organize the content and product features. It allows my team to understand better how this product work and how the navigation flow works throughout the product.













Mid-fidelity Wireframes







Collaborative Workshop Session


In the middle of the design process, I felt stuck, and needed some inspiration and input from other people. I created a Figma jam with different UX questions. Then I invited my teammates and classmates to join and provide their comments. They provided a lot of constructive feedback that solidified my project idea.







Mobile App